Complete Heating Solutions

LV Energy is able to provide our customers with a wide range of heating solutions for their energy and fluid management projects. From Super Heaters to wheeled units our heating equipment provide a safe and efficient solution.​​​​​​ Our systems are designed to efficiently heat and to lower overall costs while meeting or exceeding industry safety standards.  

CSA Compliance and Certification

LV Energy offer a dozen compliant frac fluid heaters. Multiple fuel types? No problem! Every valve on an LV heater unit is CSA certified for both propane and natural gas. With state-of-the-art automated pressure and temperature controls, our heaters maximize safety and efficiency to save you money.


Super Heaters

Designed with safety and efficiency

LV Energy prides itself on providing a safe work environment for our customers when they use our equipment. To increase operation safety our Super Heaters contain safety systems with a high temperature shut down and include a fire rod propane sensor to kill the burner fuel in the event fuel pressure is too low or the flame goes out. 


Our Super Heaters are not only designed with safety in mind but also efficiencies. The propane burners in our Super Heaters include a pre-heater and propane pump rated from 21 to 40 million BTU to ensure heating is optimized and quick. Manual operations are built into the burner controls so you have full control of the operation.

As well, two 4" suction connections and two 3” discharge connections are located on each side of the trailer for safety and ensuring the optimal equipment operation.

Hydraulically powered Durco centrifugal charge pumps feed the heat exchanger to offer the option of variable speeds and improve performance. 

To increase pressure and flow pumps in our Super Heaters are 4" x 3" with a 12" impeller and 5" x 4" with a 14" impeller.



Burner Management

The safe solution for burner management

At LV Energy we are committed to providing our customers with solutions that are not only efficient but increase safety. Our Burner Management Systems (BMS) provide a safe solution for the start-up, operation and shut down of burner furnaces. They are capable of reducing maintenance, increasing up-time and provide a safe environment for personnel.​ 

Our Burner Management Systems are able to determine if the operating conditions are not met and will prevent a system startup that may cause damage to your equipment and pose a safety risk. The burner is also monitored by our BMS during operation so it is able to detect and protect against any conditions that make operation unsafe.



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F2AD2335-1A50-44AA-B5C5-3814340E6D01.jpegFrac water heating simplified

Utilizing frac water heating systems that are complicated to operate can cause malfunctions and increase downtime. LV Energy’s easy to operate frac water heating systems, including our 40 Million BTU Skidded Frac Water Heaters, will eliminate downtime and any confusion.

Frac water heating has never been so easy. Human error is eliminated with our fully computerized push button burner management systems. The 10” manifold is compatible with many water transfer hoses which allow for any desired flow rate and ease of installation. In addition, our systems have no moving parts, pumps or hydraulics, meaning they are easy to not only install but also operate - meaning you have no downtime.

Dual fuel capabilities can use both liquefied petroleum and liquefied natural gas and twin burner rack allow for quick and easy switching of fuel types. Our systems are also integrated with an automated 10” gate valve for precise and consistent slipstreaming.

LV Energy’s frac water heating systems are completely compliant with CSA B149.3. Our systems are designed and built to the most stringent of standards to mitigate risk and increase reliability and efficiency.

Zedi Automation

It is impossible to be on-site 24/7 and to manually monitor multiple components of your operation. With Zedi Automations, an oil and gas production automation software, offered by LV Energy you can reduce site visits, increase safety, uptime and profitability. Zedi allows you to monitor and control the software from anywhere.

The easy to read data, visual monitoring and analytics allow you to confirm field assets are operating properly. 





LV Energy CSA Compliance and Certification

Do your contractors meet federal standards? 

Originally published in 1958 as a standard for burner management, but not a legal requirement by industry, B149 has evolved and as of January 1, 2015, it has become a part of the gas safety regulations included in the Alberta Safety Codes Act, now making it enforceable by law.“As of January 1, 2020, all industries that use gas-fired appliances in their operations must comply with the B149 code that is aimed at the safe operation of gas/propane fired equipment.”

It’s important to know:

  • Equipment must be approved by an agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (i.e. Enefen)
  • Old variances have expired (VAR-GAS-04-04 or VAR-GAS-05-05)
  • All gas-fired equipment must be brought up to code by Jan 1, 2020.
  • There will be no grandfathering in old systems.

What are you willing to risk?
As soon as any uncertified heater is on your location you are liable. Fines starting at $100,000 are in place for operating non-compliant equipment, and that’s without an incident!

What does the CSA stamp mean?
The CSA registered mark shows that a product has been independently tested and certified to meet recognized standards for safety or performance. This mark ensures that the equipment has been designed and built to the most stringent of standards. Then, rigorously tested to ensure it functions properly and reliably in all conditions.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency


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