Multiuse Hot Oiler Units

Our Fleet (HO-15,HO-16)

From start to finish LV Energy’s hot oiler units are able to complete any task your operation requires including removing paraffin, flushing pipelines, heating frac fluids, and testing tubing and pipelines.

Hot oiler unit features:

  • 5 and 7 million BTU burners
  • Temperature rise of 100F at 110 GPM
  • Pressures reach 70 MPA
  • Triplex pump capable of 1000 LPM
  • Mission pump rate of 1514 LPM
  • 8000 litre sour sealed compartment
  • 2000 litre fuel compartment
  • Third compartment for chemical hauling & pill mixing


Hot Oil & PSI Application

Clear and test pipelines

In the oil & gas industry pipelines and tubing need to be optimized before and during operation. Our systems are able to complete many different functions including testing and clearing tubing and pipelines.

Before a new pipeline is operational LV Energy can perform pressure tests to expose any possible defects and provide final validation of the integrity of the constructed system.

During operation large variations in temperature can occur causing paraffin to form in tubing, leading to blockages and your systems are not capable of operating at full capacity. Our hot oiling systems are able to remove paraffin deposits from production tubing and have your systems back up and running.

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