Pressure Services

Our Fleet (PT-30, PT-31)

Ensuring your project is properly tested before it becomes operational can prevent further damage to the line and possible leaks. Our mobile pressure trucks are able to test your remote pipelines and expose any possible defects and provide final validation of the integrity of the system.

Our fleet of Pressure Trucks contain 35 MPa triplex pumps which provide enough pressure to reach a maximum rate of 100L per minute. Our trucks are also equipped with two 2000L storage compartments to accommodate a wide range of pressure testing applications.

The data logging technology that comes with our Pressure Trucks makes it easy to determine if there is any line damage.


PSI Application

It is important to ensure that pipelines operate properly and efficiently before and during their operation. Our pressure fleet is able to provide PSI applications to pressurize and test your lines. Our units are able to reach the specified test pressure. Pressure levels are then tested by shutting off the supply valve and observing whether there is a pressure loss.

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