Being able to clean and maintain your site is important for its continued operation. The mobile streaming units from LV Energy are able to easily clean the equipment on site. Our units are capable of washing rigs and heavy equipment and are convenient for plant turnarounds. These units can provide steam for service rigs and other oilfield equipment as required. Our steaming fleet is also capable of producing heat to thaw culverts and lines.


Our Fleet

LV Energy’s steaming fleet of truck-mounted and truck trailer units was designed for our customers that require a more mobile solution. Our steamers are completely self-contained, providing easy setup and operation. Our steaming units are able to reach a pump pressure of 3,600 psi and provide the option of either dry or wet steam.

To ensure the efficiency of our equipment they are equipped with Glysol heat and Roughneck 7 pass water heaters.

Truck Mounted Units

  • Pump pressures from 2600 to 3400 psi 
  • Water capacity of 800 to 2000 gallons. 
  • Burners capable of reaching 2 million BTU

Truck Trailer Units

  • Pump pressure to 3,600 psi
  • Water capacity of 6000 gallons 
  • Burners capable of reaching 850,000 to 1.7 BTU

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