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Primus Line®

Primus Line® is a versatile liner system offered by LV Energy for the transport of liquid and gaseous media, including water, gas and oil.

The flexible liner, reinforced with aramid fabric and the specifically developed connectors form a high-performance solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes or for setting up a robust independently placeable flexible line. Primus Line’s flexibility, safety and cost-effective features and that it is eco-friendly make it beneficial for many fluid management operations.

To provide you with a complete package and eliminating third parties, LV Energy is fully trained and up to date to provide installation services for your Primus Line. 


  • Material Properties
    • Bend flexibility and increased flow velocity and volume
  • Self-Supporting
    • Due to its aramid reinforcement between the inner and outer layer the liner by Primus Line is structurally self-supporting
  • Liner Length
    • Seamless production offers up to 4,500 metres
    • Continuous installation length is available up to 2,500 metres
  • Product Life 
    • The liner system has a minimum product life of 50 years
  • Quality 
    • Primus Line meets international standards including, NSF/ANSI 61, AS/NZS 4020:2005, BS 6920:2014 and ACS nach XP P 41-250
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