Why did you decide to work for LV Energy instead of a larger company?
The easy going atmosphere that the owners/management have created and maintained. You strive to do your best for the company when they treat you the way the owners/management have here at LV. Not the typical employer/employee relationship or communication that you get with a larger company. Your opinion matters and you can joke around with the owners/management.

Is LV Energy a safety conscious company?
Yes. They supply their staff with the proper PPE, as well as any training or course that is not only needed, but wanted. If you feel a course will benefit you or make you feel more comfortable in your work environment, LV will support you in every way.

Where do you reside?
Sylvan Lake, AB.

What type of skills have you acquired from working at LV Energy that will help you in the future?
Thanks to LV, I am on my way to becoming a safety manager.

What type of office environment does LV Energy have?
The oilfield industry is fast paced and your tasks are always changing at a moment's notice, which can be stressful, but, they still maintain an easy going and friendly environment.