Why did you decide to work for LV Energy instead of a larger company?
I decided to work for LV to try something new. I had no idea what hot oiling was.

How would you rate the equipment you use @ LV Energy?
The equipment we run is ahead of the pack compared to other equipment I have seen in the field. It's all new and gets the job done really well, and is maintained very well.

Is LV Energy a safety conscious company?
The safety program has come a long way since I first started here. It's good to see effort put into safety. It's so important this day and age.

Where do you reside?
Rocky Mountain House, AB.

What type of skills have you acquired from working at LV Energy that will help you in the future?
I have learnt many skills here. I have learned how to drive a class 3 vehicle. I have learned to be a responsible representative for this company, and to take pride in the job I do. I have learnt to respect all my co-workers. There were only a couple of us when I started.