Why did you decide to work for LV Energy instead of a larger company?
I like the atmosphere of a smaller company. The people are much nicer, and you have a chance to get to know everyone who works here.
Working in a small company has enabled me to be involved is many aspects of the company that are out of reach at larger companies.
It is nice to work for a company where you can be yourself.

Is LV Energy a safety conscious company?
LV is very safety conscious. Our workers are prepared with all PPE and safety training needed to perform their duties safely.

Where do you reside?
Lacombe, AB

What type of skills have you acquired from working at LV Energy that will help you in the future?
Thanks to LV Energy, I now have some experience in writing purchase orders and a limited knowledge of safety.

What type of office environment does LV Energy have?
We are treated like family, and are able to joke around with the owners. Having this type of work environment makes the work day much nicer. Even when we are really busy, the office is still very laid back.