Why did you decide to work for LV Energy instead of a larger company?
I decided to work at LV to get more time at home with my family.

How would you rate the equipment you use @ LV Energy?
LV's equipment is new, well maintained and designed with the operator in mind.

Is LV Energy a safety conscious company?
LV is a very safety conscious employer because you're not just a number here.

Where do you reside?
Red Deer, AB.

What type of skills have you acquired from working at LV Energy that will help you in the future?
I started out as a swamper on the super heater, then was trained as an operator to run my own crew. Also, I received training to upgrade my licence from class 5 to a class 1. I was also offered training to work on our steaming units. The more diversified you are equals more work opportunities in the future.