Why did you decide to work for LV Energy instead of a larger company?
Management! Jason and Gord treat us with respect. I have found that hard work and having the drive to learn has paid off.

How would you rate the equipment you use @ LV Energy?
Top Notch. Every truck in the fleet are 2011 and up, most being 2012 & 2013.

Is LV Energy a safety conscious company?
Our safety is taken seriously, equipment and training are provided to make our job as safe as possible.

Where do you reside?
Abbotsford, BC.

What type of skills have you acquired from working at LV Energy that will help you in the future?
Almost too many to list. I came to LV as green as a guy could be. I was scared and lacked confidence coming into the oil industry. I was paired up with experienced people and was taught to do's and don'ts. Soon after I was trained up on running a steamer unit and was set free to follow a service rig for the winter. I was scared and didn't want to be out on my own, but am now glad I stuck with it as I learned a boat load this winter. Everything from navigating To/From LSD's, working with rig crews/consultants. The list goes on. After one winter with LV, I am learning more about super heating and would have no issues with being sent anywhere in Alberta, get onto lease rigged in and up and running on my own. 6 months ago I couldn't say this.