Water Services

Innovative solutions for water management

LV Energy Services offers a complete solution for your water management needs. We provide full-service water management services including treatment, recycling, heating, source water, pumping and transfer, and storage and containment. Our services and equipment are cost-effective and provide innovative solutions in water management.

Whether you are in the oil and natural gas industry or in the agricultural, municipal and mining sectors LV Energy has water management services to fit your operations.

Storage & Containment

The water storage systems offered by LV Energy are designed to meet the demands of your operation’s water storage requirements. We strive to provide industry leading products for our customers that improve safety, are customizable to your specifications and offer innovative solutions.

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Pumping & Transfer

As water needs increase efficient pumping and fluid transfer are required more than ever to lower production costs. Water reuse solutions have shifted from increased water storage to utilizing both fresh and engineered/produced water. In response, our systems streamline fluid transfer, promote water reuse and lower operation costs. 

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Water & Fluid Treatment

Water and fluid treatment can be expensive and damaging to the environment and to your business if done improperly. Through our environmental waste facility agreements and water hauling services LV Energy can provide operators with a one step solution for the disposal of any unusable engineered/produced fluids.

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LV Energy Services is committed to creating efficiencies for our customers including recycling and minimizing carbon footprints. Our main environmental conservation operations are water reuse and recycling, and geosynthetic liner/material reclamation and recycling.

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LV Energy Services offers solutions that can tap directly into the flow lines or the water source as it enters the line to ensure the fluid is properly heated. Our systems are also able to thaw and heat large bodies of water in colder climates.​​​​​​

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